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Onion Creek "Bank Full" stageRecent Austin Flood Events

It helps to understand the flooding risk of our Central Texas region by knowing what floods have happened in recent years.

2015 (October 30) - Flooding in Wimberley, Del Valle and San Marcos. Storms including a tornado south of San Marcos dropped up to 14 inches of rain in areas south and east of Austin causing major flooding. 

2015 (June 17) - Local Flooding in Northeast Austin & Manor. A remnant of Tropical Storm Bill causes local flooding in Northeast Austin and the Manor area with a three hour deluge. Rain amounts of six to seven inches were reported.

2015 (May 26) - More Flooding Area Wide. Another major storm event impacts the Austin Area with 2 to 7 inches of rain. The worst flooding was concentrated along Shoal Creek with Lamar Blvd. flowing with water from 15th to 10th Street. Lady Bird Lake was overflowing both from floodgates opened on Tom Miller Dam and the massive overflow from Shoal Creek. Also Bastrop County where nearly 7 inches of rain was reported in Cedar Creek was heavily impacted. The Bastrop Park Lake dam was ruptured. River flooding is expected from Bastrop to La Grange on the Colorado River with a crest of about 5 feet over flood stage.

2015 (May 24) - Major Flooding in the Blanco and San Marcos River basins. A huge deluge of over 10 inches of rain was centered on Blanco. The Blanco River crested at over 41 feet (flood stage is 13 feet). The flood surge then passed to the San Marcos River when the merge. Over 350 house were underwater in Blanco, Wimberley and San Marcos. The overflowing Blanco River caused Interstate 35 to be closed at the Blanco River just north of San Marcos because water was flowing over the freeway. The Blanco River flood will be the "Flood of Record" with 72 houses completely washed away.

2015 (May 17) - Intense Sunday Morning Flooding. A strong line of thunderstorms traveling from West to East drops nearly 3 inches in the Onion Creek and Barton Creek watersheds. Both creeks reached "bank full" levels but did not flood. Many low-water crossings were closed area wide. Picture of Onion Creek is at 12 feet about two hours after Sunday's storm. Maximum level of Onion Creek at US Hwy 183 was 15.87 feet (flood stage is 17 feet).

2015 (May 6) - Flash Floods in Manor & Elgin. A group of intense thunderstorms traveling from West to East drops 4 to 6 inches of rain on Northwest Travis County, North Bastrop County and Southern Williamson County during the early morning of May 6, 2015. The flooding caused many road closures including US 290 at the Travis - Bastrop County Line. Some building flood damage and washed out roads were reported. The largest measured rainfall reported was northeast of Elgin at 5.79 inches. A flood wave was reported on the Colorado River upstream of Bastrop but dissipated as it moved downstream.

2015 (April 3 & 4) - Flooding in Bastrop County.  A intense 4-inch rain event on already moist ground trigger stream flooding and some road closures Southeast of Austin around Bastrop, Smithville and Cedar Creek.

2013 (October) - Two separate flood events. First, two large storms joined over Austin in front of a cold front passage. Substantial flooding has resulted from rainfall up to 12 inches in isolated parts of the area. Areas most impacted were Barton Creek, Williamson Creek, Onion Creek and South Austin 78704 area.The second flood occurred suddenly in the early morning of October 31st and did heavy damage in the Onion Creek watershed. Onion Creek hit the highest crest ever recorded (41 feet at US 183 bridge) and devastated the Onion Creek Forest subdivision. Over 1100 homes have been impacted with over 500 homes heavily damaged or destroyed.

2010 (September 7-8) Tropical Storm Hermine - Widespread heavy rain from remnant of Tropical Storm Hermine caused flooding along the I-35 corridor from San Antonio to DFW. LCRA reported receiving 12 inches of rain during 12 hours in the Lake Austin area. A funnel cloud was reported near the Airport. Round Rock had 81 houses flooded in the Lake Creek area just west of I-35. Road damage was reported at FM 2222 and Bull Creek. Greatest damage inflicted was in the Belton area. The Texas Governor declared a 40 county disaster area due to heavy rains and flooding including all Austin area counties.


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2009 (September) Salado Creek - After heavy rain over three days, Salado Creek (Salado TX) overflowed causing some evacuations and road closures. Estimated rainfall in the three days was 14 inches. Road closing included the I-35 service roads in Salado. This has been a widespread event with the heaviest accumulations Northeast of Austin.

2007 (June) - "Marble Falls Rain Bomb" - A huge thunderstorm stalls and pours over 19 inches of rain and was concentrated in the Marble Falls area of Central Texas in a single night. This was determined to be a "500-Year" flooding event. Over 100 homes and business were damaged.

2001 (November 15) - A concentration of thunderstorms drops 15 inches of rain in six hours. One of these storms also spawned a tornado that dropped a tree on our South Austin office damaging our roof. This storm caused major flooding along South, Central and East Austin creeks and damaged 860 houses and other buildings.

1998 (October 17) - Widespread storms caused major flooding in Williamson and Onion creek drainage areas (Southeast Austin) and elsewhere. This was a statewide flooding event caused by waves of moisture from twin hurricanes in Mexico. Austin had 454 houses damaged.

1991 (December 20) - The famous "Christmas Floods" caused damage along Austin creeks and Lake Travis. Over 200 houses were damaged. There also was considerable damage in Bastrop County.

1981 (May 24) - Storms caused the famous "Memorial Day" flood resulting in major damage in Central and South Austin. Shoal Creek overflowed causing heavy damage to stores along Lamar around 10th Street. Over ten inches of rain fell in four hours causing widespread flooding along many Austin creeks. Total damage was $36 million.