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Life Insurance for FamilyLife Insurance

Life Insurance safeguards your family’s financial security by providing money to your loved ones if you die. No one should be without Life Insurance — It’s that important! Get a Quote Now!

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Life Insurance: Four Big Questions

Who am I Protecting? It could by your spouse, children, partner, parent, next of kin or anyone dependent on you.

How much would they need? Needs often include paying off a house mortgage, providing education funds, replacing income and money for final expenses.

What contract options will I want? Long duration, affordability and a conversion option are some of the policy features to consider.

What can I afford? Life Insurance needs to be something you can afford and keep funding over a long time. Better to have some protection that you can afford to keep than a policy that has lapsed because the bill didn’t get paid.

With answers to these four questions, we can design a Life Insurance program that fits what you want. Protect your loved ones by purchasing Life Insurance that can handle their financial needs in case of your untimely death is a choice.

You need three things to obtain Life Insurance

  1. Desire to protect your loved ones
  2. Money to fund the Life Insurance contract
  3. Good Health to qualify

Our job is to facilitate your choice with guidance to the right insurance policy and assisting you with the application process. Use this link to start a discussion with us on your life insurance needs: Get a Quote Now!

Life Insurance: Three Main Types of Life Policies

Term Life – Provides pure insurance protection (no cash value) for a defined length of time, often 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years. Term coverage is normally the most affordable choice. Some plans have a conversion option that allows you to continue coverage beyond the term’s end which can be an important safeguard if a health issue occurs. It’s a great way to buy the large quantity of insurance that is often needed to protect a young family and still stay within your budget.

Universal Life – A long duration policy that can provide cash accumulation, depending on funding levels, and offers great flexibility to adjust with changing needs. A Universal Life policy can also be structured to provide good “later-in-life” options. Often a Universal Life can provide very flexible Life Insurance coverages. A Universal Life policy can be a good choice over a wide range of Life Insurance needs for a moderate price.

Whole Life (“Permanent Life Insurance”) – Guaranteed Benefit, Guaranteed Cash Value, Guaranteed Premium, Guaranteed Coverage to age 100. At age 100, the contract ends and pays you the full face value of the policy. While a Whole Life policy costs more in premium than either a Term or Universal Life contract in the short run, it’s a great value in the long run. It’s an excellent way to provide lasting protection for a spouse or to provide funding for final expenses.

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