What kind of insurance do you need?

Home Insurance Tips

Once you have found that special house for your first home then comes the bewildering buying process. The professional guidance of your insurance agent will help you understand what insurance you are buying and customize the insurance package. Get a Quote Now!

  • New Home Buyers

    Family with their new home.

    What is the “Hazard Insurance” that our mortgage bank is requiring? In most situations, this coverage will be provided by a Homeowner’s Insurance policy. Your Homeowner’s Insurance policy includes coverage for hazards such as fire and windstorm but goes well beyond the bank’s requirement to include coverage for your possessions, loss of use. personal liability and more.

  • What other insurance is being required? Your mortgage bank may also be requiring Flood Insurance if your house is in a “Special Flood Risk Area.”
  • How much insurance does our new house need? Figuring out a reasonable amount of insurance for the house is part of our job. Having an adequate amount of insurance to rebuild your house is important. At the same time, too much insurance is not a good value.
  • How can I reduce the cost of my Home Insurance? Cost is important on any purchase including insurance. Buying a companion auto policy from the same insurance company often provides a substantial discount on both insurance plans. Choosing a higher deductible is a trade-off in risk, but can reduce insurance cost. Other discounts may be available.

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