What kind of insurance do you need?

Commercial Building Insurance

Business Insurance can protect your commercial properties from the many risks you have as a property owner and help it be a safer investment. — Start a free quote now!

Large Office building

Large Office Building

A commercial building has an oversized exposure to Public Liability. The parking lot and common areas all present opportunities for a lawsuit from a trip & fall injury.  With your large investment, higher limits of General Liability can be prudent as part of your business owner’s package.

Property Insurance protects your investment and is a typical requirement for bank financing. A realistic amount of coverage, sufficient to rebuild, makes sense for both the business owner and the insurance company.

Business Income protections your revenue stream, including loss of rents, after an insured event. Extra Expense pays added cost to help get your building reopened quickly and your tenants back. The cost of dislocation can be a very large part of your overall financial cost after a fire, storm damage or other insured event.

Building codes change over time and can impose added requirements if your building has major damage or has to be completely rebuilt. An example is the many changes imposed by the Americans with Disability Act to provide improved access. Insurance protection for these potentially expensive modifications needed to repair or rebuilt is an important optional coverage.

Remodeling? – If you are doing significant remodeling to your building, a Builder’s Risk policy can be important to protect your building during the project.