What kind of insurance do you need?

Insurance for Restaurants

Restaurants are as unique as the dishes they serve. We tailor your insurance coverage to meet the specific needs of your restaurant and to meet your landlord’s lease requirements. You focus on your cuisine while we craft the insurance package to fit your place. Get a free quote now!

Restaurant Kitchen

Equipment in a restaurant kitchen

Restaurants are very different than most businesses. A customer can slip and fall while visiting for a meal or bite down causing a broken tooth. Kitchen fires can happen, even with great care, and cause major damage. You likely have a substantial investment in equipment and build-out both for your dining area and your preparation areas. If you serve beer, wine or other liquor, the risk of a liquor liability lawsuit has to be considered. Restaurants have inherent risks for employees such as a cook getting burned or a knife cut or a server slipping on a wet floor.

Prevention is your best insurance but having a professional insurance agent review your restaurant’s insurance coverage and provide a loss prevention inspection can sure help. Do you have appropriate fire suppression systems for your cooking equipment, particularly grease sources (fryers, grills, ranges)? Over 60% of restaurant fires are related to kitchen cooking oil and grease. Do you have a safe dining area? Falls by customers account for approximately 40% of all liability claims for food service businesses. How about adequate insurance protection for your investment in equipment and your leased location or building? If you are ready, request a quote now!