What kind of insurance do you need?

Insurance for Non-Profit Organizations

Do you have the insurance coverage required by your Board of Directors, grant proposals or locations? — Get a free insurance quote now!

Getting Started: New non-profits will need basic business insurance coverage including General Liability and Directors & Officers Insurance.


Volunteers helping with your organizations mission.

A General Liability Insurance policy handles your organization’s public liability while holding events, having a community service event or leasing an office. General Liability coverage is also often a requirement for grant funding.

Attracting community leaders to be directors is critical for most non-profit organizations. Having a Directors & Officers Insurance policy is essential in retaining these leaders by protecting them from personal liability for mistakes in overseeing your operations.

Larger Groups: As your organization matures, the organization insurance needs can become much broader. Some missions require investments in facilities, contents and vehicles that will need to be insured. Also, hired staff adds the potential of lawsuits from injuries or mistakes in employment practices. As your group grows, reviewing your insurance requirements makes sense.

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Churches & Religious Groups

Being good stewards of your religious organization includes business insurance — Get an insurance quote now!

Congregations can have substantial investments in mission critical buildings, building improvements and contents. Groups meeting in leased buildings will need insurance protection for their tenant improvements (built-out of leased space), contents plus General Liability to meet landlord requirements.

Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and other religious buildings can be targeted by burglars for theft of valuable religious items. Appropriate security procedures and equipment such as a monitored alarm are often both sensible and required for theft insurance coverage.

As your religious organization grows large enough to have hired staff, protecting the organization with Worker’s Compensation Insurance from the potential of lawsuits from injuries to employees can be critical insurance defense.

Does your religious group own and operate any autos? It is very important to have the right auto insurance policy to protect your religious group if the vehicle is involved in an accident. Besides the legal liability exposure, a business auto can also be an expensive asset.