What kind of insurance do you need?

Insurance for Property Owner’s Associations

Property Owner’s Associations can take many forms which makes a customized approach to business insurance is important – Get a free insurance quote now!

Condo Homeowner's Association

Condo Homeowner’s Association

Liability Coverage for Board of Directors Members – The associations are governed by owners elected to serve on a Board of Directors. A Directors & Officers Liability policy protects these members from lawsuits regarding their actions and decisions regarding their role on the Board of Directors.

Liability Protection for Common Areas РOften an association owns and is responsible for common areas such as the parking lot, a neighborhood private park and community grounds. General Liability protection is needed to protect the association from this exposure of the public liability to these commonly owned facilities.

Property Coverage for Association Owned Structures – Property insurance could be needed for the club house, carports, mail station structure and for condos, the building exteriors.