What kind of insurance do you need?

Insurance for Offices

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Business OfficeTypical lease requirements include General Liability (including Public Liability) and Property Coverage for contents and interior build-out.

Most offices depend on their computers and office furnishings to get their work done. Your office interior finish-out is part of your business investment. You can’t get your job done with a closed office after a storm causes damage. All of these economic risks can be protected by your business insurance package.

Often overlooked is your office staff’s risk of injury while at work. Clerical and professional services are low risk activities but not without risk. Worker’s Compensation insurance is much lower in cost for typical office-based businesses but still critical insurance coverage.

Any employer can be held liable for mistakes in handling employment relationships. Small and mid-sized business are particular venerable since they won’t have the “HR Department” to enforce compliance with the legal requirements of non-discrimination and other employment rules. See Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

Medical Doctor

Healthcare Provider

Medical Offices

Offices of healthcare professionals, such as doctors and dentists, often have intense insurance needs well beyond a standard office situation. This includes:

  • Added public liability from a constant flow of patients
  • Substantial investments in equipment needed for medical testing & treatments
  • Computer equipment needed for electronic medical records
  • Employees with increased frequency of injury as they provide direct care.

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