What kind of insurance do you need?

Insurance for Manufacturers

Being an importer or manufacturer comes with the possibility of product liability lawsuits and vendor insurance requirements. Get a free insurance quote now!


Working in the warehouse is part of being a manufacturer.

Product Liability is sold as a component of a General Liability insurance policy but is often the “Claims Made” version of the liability insurance contract.

Business Income / Extra Expense – Loss of use coverages is particularly important for a manufacturer because you have to get back into production quickly in order to serve your clients. Together, these coverages help your firm survive the interruption of normal business operations due to an insured loss.

Commercial Property Insurance – Manufacturing can require a large investment in equipment and inventory. Protecting your business tools, equipment, inventory, buildings and other assets with Property Insurance protection can be an important safeguard.

Workers Compensation – Manufacturing requires skilled workers. Worker’s Compensation Insurance protects you business from risk of lawsuit if an employee gets hurt at work and also helps your employee return to provide the skilled help you need.