What kind of insurance do you need?

Insurance for Business Consultants

A professional consultant can have very specific insurance requirements. Our business insurance specialists can help – get a free quote now!

Each job contract can have different insurance requirements but four areas are common: General Liability, Professional Liability, Business Auto Insurance and Worker’s Compensation.

Computer Professionals can have very similar business insurance requirements whether they are providing consultation only or providing custom software, network integration and other services.

Business Consultant

Business Consultant at work.

General Liability – Public or General Liability is nearly a universal consulting job requirement. Typically, the company you are working for will require that they be listed as an “Additional Insured” on your General Liability contract. Some contracts may also require Excess or Umbrella Liability coverage for very high levels of Liability coverage.

Professional Liability – Giving the wrong advice or failing to give the right advice is a primary lawsuit risk for any Professional Consultant. It is also called Professional Errors & Omissions.

Commercial Auto Insurance – Some job contracts require that your work vehicles be insured on a Commercial Auto Insurance policy with high liability limits. Sometimes this requirement will be waived (but you need to ask to have it removed). If your work includes driving beyond public roads and onto the worksite, expect to need it.

Worker’s Compensation – Some job contracts require that you carry a Worker’s Compensation contract with Employer’s Liability. This is normal if you are working at the client’s job location.