What kind of insurance do you need?

Insurance for Garage & Auto Service Businesses

If you are in the auto service business, you have very special insurance needs. Our experienced insurance agents can help – Get quote now!

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Auto repair business

A garage insurance package can be customized to fit your business and keep it safe. Your insurance program can include liability coverage to meet your lease requirements, property coverage to protect your investment in tools & equipment and garagekeeper’s coverage for your customer’s vehicle.

Many Auto Service businesses have vehicles for use in the Garage Operations. You may have a substantial investment in these business use autos plus additional liability when they are on the public highways. Your insurance package can extend coverage for these autos.

Anyone in the Auto Repair & Service trade knows that having the right tools is a big part of getting the job done. Burglary of auto garages to steal valuable tools is a pervasive problem. Your garage insurance package can include coverage for these assets.

You can’t get the job done without your trained employees including your mechanics. Auto repairs, test drives and other garage operations can cause injuries. Worker’s Compensation provides you, the business owner, very important legal protection if one of your employees gets hurt while working and also provides help getting that valued worker back on the job.