What kind of insurance do you need?

Insurance for Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance protection of your business tools, equipment, inventory, building and other assets can be critical insurance protection for any business. Start a free quote now!

Commercial Property Insurance helping fix Storm Damage to business office

Fallen tree on our office May 27, 1997 as a result of a tornado

Building & Improvements

Your business building is a sizable investment. Proper insurance protection is critical for safeguarding your investment and if needed, a requirement for bank financing. If you are leasing a building, the improvements you make such as built-in appliances, decorative changes and non-structural walls are also important assets worthy of insurance protection. Insurance coverage for these tenant improvements can also be a lease requirement.

Professional offices, such as dentists and doctors, often have substantial investments in office décor and built-in fixtures that will be lost in a fire and add to their costs after a loss.

Remodeling? – If you are doing significant remodeling to your building, a Builder’s Risk policy can be important to protect your building and the supplies being used for the improvements.

Restaurant Kitchen

Equipment in a restaurant kitchen.

Business Contents

Most businesses have a substantial investment in office equipment, computers and other work materials. These business assets are at risk for damage or loss from fire, tornado, theft and other perils.

Retail stores, restaurants, manufacturers and many other enterprises have a significant investment in inventory and other contents. Be sure your insurance limits are sufficient to restore your contents in the event of a fire or other event.

An Equipment Floater can protect your investment in tools used at job-sites including large “scheduled” equipment such as a Bobcat or Lift and also smaller equipment on an “unscheduled” basis. Theft of tools from job locations is a pervasive problem.

Commercial Crime Insurance coverage is needed to protect business assets and funds from theft and robbery.